Setup & Cleaning


We love the rug you chose! Please follow the instructions below and unpack as soon as possible. Please note it could take days or weeks for your rug to lay completely flat since it's packed when it delivered, but following the steps below will help expedite the process. 

If your rug arrived rolled:

  1. Fold the corners underneath the rug and let it rest for a day or two.

  2. Vacuum the rug. You can also steam the rug after vacuuming.
  3. Move the furniture onto the rug and walk on it.

If your rug arrives folded:

  1. Un-fold your rug in the opposite direction of how it's currently folded.

  2. Vacuum the rug. You can also steam the rug after vacuuming.
  3. Move the furniture onto the rug and walk on it.




Follow these steps to keep your rug clean.

  1. Vacuum at least once or twice a week. Flip the rug over and vacuum the back as well.
  2. Take it outside for a deep cleaning every six months. Unroll the rug and prop it on a fence or porch railing. Whack the back of the rug with a broom until no dust or dirt is visible. Please note, if your rug has latex back, do not whack it too hard or it may damage the latex.


Please follow these steps if an accident occurs.

  1. Cover the spill with a clean cloth and bolt. Repeat with another dry towel until it's completely absorbed. 
  2. Use a soapy solution on the spill. Choose either a carpet shampoo or a small amount of dishwashing soap with water.
  3. Wet a clean cloth with only water and bolt until all of the soap is out.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Follow these steps to clean a natural fiber rug.

  1. Fill one bucket with cold water and detergent and another with only cold water.
  2. Test-wash a small area with a sponge and detergent water to make sure the colors won't bleed. (If they do, take the rug to a dry cleaner.)
  3. Wash the whole rug with the sponge and detergent mixture. Do not completely soak the rug. Make sure to wash it in the direction of the soft side.
  4. Rinse by dampening sponge in the cold water bucket and dabbing it on the rug.
  5. Soak up excess water with a clean towel and allow the rug to fully air dry.

Cotton & Synthetic Rugs

Follow these steps to clean a cotton or synthetic rug.

  1. Wash and shampoo your rug. Clean it by hand outside.
  2. Let the rug sit for five minutes, then rinse it off.
  3. Soak up excess water with a dry towel. Let the rug air-dry outside for 24 hours if possible. When the rug is dry, place it back inside and vacuum again.